Couples who are candidates for this crisis marriage retreat will have experienced one of more of these conditions.
  • Hearing the words I don’t love you or I’m not in love with you anymore
  • Saying the word divorce
  • Believing divorce is a solution
  • Unable to forgive
  • A separation has occurred
  • A legal separation without any structure or goals
  • An affair has ended but not able to see what the next step is
  • An affair continues and one spouse wants help
  • Time has passed since an affair but a healing environment has not yet been established in the marriage
  • An inability to recognize the difference between life-giving communication and curse-filled communication (curse-filled can be full of nice words;  this is not in reference to vernacular terminology only)
  • One or both parties still contain wounds from their past that are eating at their present-day marriage (i.e.:  abortion, molestation, rape, abandonment, alcoholism, abuse, trauma)
  • Children acting out because mom and dad are out of alignment with each other and with God
  • A lack of respect and honor exist in the marriage and the parenting
  • Resentments are deeply rooted from spouse’s past actions or an ex-spouses’ past actions. 
  • Too prideful to say I’m sorry, will you forgive me
  • Too prideful to let God’s forgiveness cover everyone’s actions including self
  • The inability to let go and it is becoming a god with a little “g”