• Reflect- Sometimes in the pace of life we lose sight of where we came from and where we are going.  Most importantly, we lost our ability to be present in the here and now.  This strongly affects the marriage relationship.  Opportunities to share your journey, your goals, and your present day struggles is a key component to this weekend.  The husband will have the opportunity to lead out in this section of the retreat. 

  • Gain New Vision - Based on assessment and information gathered before the retreat, each couple will spend time writing a vision for their marriage.  They will learn what it means to see their sacred union in light of eternity in the Kingdom, as opposed to just staying married.   

  • Gain insight  from a one- hour counseling session with the Grimes at an assigned time during the weekend.  You will know when your session is scheduled when you receive your registration confirmation packet.  

personalized Marriage Enrichment retreats

The marriage enrichment experience at Relationship Warehouse is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your spouse.  Couples may not be experiencing crisis, but everyone experiences fatigue in the pace of life. Think of this as a type of spa experience for your marriage relationship.

At every Marriage Enrichment you will have the chance to :

  • Be inspired to keep going.  Sometimes we just need to get away, laugh and rest.  Detox the electronics, practice quiet, and be present with each other. 

  •  Hear an inspiring message on the power of life-giving words.  This will prepare your to be able to clear the air between you and your spouse and set can change the atmosphere in your home life starting with your marriage and then moving to the rest of the family.

The retreat will be no larger than 5 couples.  The small size creates a good environment for sharing, dreaming, and being renewed.

The couples will arrive on Friday by 5 p.m.  Time will be given to getting settled, resting, and preparing for a relaxing dinner at a designated place.  This evening will be  casual and filled with getting acquainted and hearing each other’s  stories of how they met. 

Saturday morning will begin with a late sleep in.  Coffee and continental breakfast items will be available at each couple’s pace and schedule.  We will not re-convene until 11 a.m.

First Session- Reflect and Evaluate.  Dr. Grimes will be administering an Expectations Assessment at this time. Each couple will participate in a reflection exercise concerning their relationship over the past 3 years, marking the challenges, triumphs, and slumps.   

Noon - Individual picnic baskets will be provided for each couple.  They are free to take it wherever they like.  (1 ½ hour allotted for this time)

2 p.m.  Listen to an inspiring message on life-giving words and healthy communication.  An exercise will be provided at the conclusion to help each couple evaluate the maturity of their communication style and its rate of health.  New goals will be set for marriage as well as parenting as applicable.
4 p.m.  Refreshment break will include music, beverages and h’ordearves. 

5 p.m. Letter writing session.  Each couple will be given a kit of materials to assist them in writing their spouse a love letter.  They will bring that love letter to the very romantic dinner prepared for them at 8 p.m.  Please bring business casual attire for this occasion.

8 p.m. each couple will travel to the site of their Romantic Evening that has been prepared for them.  This will include a 4 course dinner, candlelight, and live music. 

Sunday morning will reconvene with breakfast.   Following breakfast will be a Vision for Marriage Writing session where each couple will be challenged to write out a mission and vision for their marriage to continue into eternity.  A template will be provided to help form the framework for the vision statement.  The history of the couple, the stage of life, as well as the couples’ counseling session will all provide insight into this final assignment.

A final lunch will be provided on Sunday.  Each couple will be asked to share their vision statement for their sacred union in the group format at lunch time. 

A prayer of commissioning will be prayed over each couple as they are dismissed.  
3 p.m.  Dismissal

The schedule