Describe any illness you are being treated for:

How often do you exercise?

Never     Seldom     occasionally         3-5 times a week         more than 5 times

Do you smoke?  If so, describe:

Drink alcohol?  If so, describe:

Do you take medication?  If so, name each and the amount:


Circle all that apply to you:

Angry            sad                 depressed               confused                  anxious                   

Inner conflict                     frustrated                rejection                  lack of approval   

Hurt                                       guilt                           ashamed                  powerless

Describe why you have sought out Marriage Intensive

Have you ever seen a counselor before?  If so, for what and why did it end?

Have you ever been in the care of a psychiatrist?  If so, for what and for how long?

Sum up in 3 sentences or less why you married your spouse.

Sum up in 3 sentences or less why you are still married to your spouse.         


How long have you been married?   How long did you date before?   Did you live together before?

Have you been married before?  How many times?

What are the ages and names of your children?

Have there been any miscarriages or abortions in your union or in your past?  If so, which and how many?

Did you attend a bereavement group for your miscarriage or abortion?

Have you ever been arrested?              If so, for what?            

Have you ever been incarcerated?  If so, for what?

Have you ever been accused of a sexual crime?

If so, describe:

Have you ever used recreational drugs?              If so, what did you use and how long?

Have you ever used pornography?                  If so, for how long, and how has it affected your sex life with your spouse?


Do you feel a personal connection with God?

If so, how does that connection take place?

How familiar are you with the Bible?

Basic                                      Intermediate                                       Advanced

Do you attend a church?                     If yes, where and how often?

Do you feel equally yoked spiritually with your spouse?

Who would you consider the spiritual leader to be in the relationship? 

On what basis would you consider them to be the leader?

Do you see God as being active in trying to re-build/mend your relationship with your spouse?

State your personal goals in coming to the Marriage Intensive:

Questions to be answered individually

intensive Relationship retreat Counseling

Intensive Marriage Weekend is designed to assist couples in having a breakthrough in their relationship dynamics and move toward healing in the marriage.  If a breach or series of breaches have occurred in the union, receiving and giving forgiveness along with getting to the root of what led to the breach and healing it is the goal of the weekend.  While this seems impossible to do in a few days, we believe the Holy Spirit can accomplish great miracles when two people are ready to receive and allow Him to advance their steps.  This weekend is designed for couples who have a strong desire to break through their self-protection, pride and hurt to get to real solution.  In order for this to be effective, each couple will need to do some things before they arrive.  The Relationship Warehouse relationship coaching Intensive marriage weekend has these components : 

Before arrival each couple must complete the following:

  1. The couples complete a questionnaire ahead of their arrival, along with individual inventories (Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis) and individually written life stories from childhood to current day.  Some cases may not be accepted for the intensive right away.  Occasionally there needs to be some time lapse between first noticing there is an issue and both parties being ready to step toward solution together.  We will commit to praying for you during this time until God makes ready. 

  2. Secure a team of intercessors we can communicate with before, during and after your intensive weekend.  Please select true intercessors, not family members and best friends.  (please see attached page for guidance in this area.  If you do not have access, we will secure intercessors for you from our ministry resource team.  Confidentiality is of upmost importance in your selections).

Process and Provision

At the retreat

The couples will begin their weekend by arriving on Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. and enjoy a meal in a nearby lovely restaurant that has been pre-arranged. (included in the cost) Time will be given for plenty of rest to prepare for the next 3 days of intensive. The three days will be customized to meet the couple’s needs:  teaching sessions, counseling, prayer, videos, written homework, all infused with the truth of God’s Word through the Holy Spirit’s power.

Thursday morning will begin with an in-house breakfast at 9 a.m. followed by individual intakes as well as a Couple intake.   Individual, and criss-cross sessions will occur according to needs, throughout the weekend.  (See attached schedule)


Because this is intensive, only 1 couple attends a Marriage Intensive in order to receive the specific attention they need.  The accommodations are bed and breakfast style.  You will have your own lovely sleeping space with a private bath and food will be provided on the premises with the exception of your arrival night.  If the couple has not been sharing the marriage bed, please expect to do so, even though it may be uncomfortable.  Steps toward a remedy involve doing things we don’t want to do or may even feel extremely uncomfortable for a season.  Thank you for your cooperation in this.  In extreme cases, this will need to be addressed in the preliminary acceptance process. 

The Goal

The goal of Marriage Intensive is that each couple will leave with a new freedom in their walks with Christ, a lasting sense of hope, healing, and healthy tools, along with a renewed vision to finish life together in their sacred union.