Roxanna Grimes- Creator of The PEARL Experience

the pearl experience

  • Want to stop comparing yourself to others and just be YOU?

  • Want to fill your heart and mind with truth about who you REALLY are?

  • Want to find an anchor for your emotions?

  • Want to find a divinely appointed inward space for just you and a loving God?

  • Want to look in the mirror without having a meltdown?

  • Want to find your forever true love?

  • Want to forgive and be forgiven and free of the drama?

The Pearl Experience will lead you to the core truths and principles needed to start living your significance and value.

If you are interested in hosting a Pearl Workshop email me at

If you are interested in attending a future Pearl Workshop go to the link in my bio on IG Instagram@pearlology 

If you are interested in ordering a book or workbook, “Pearl The Art of Being Found Loved and Valued in the Heart of God” visit the Store at this website.