Additional areas of focus

  • Understanding personality differences
  • Establishing roles and expectations
  • Spiritual Growth and Leadership
  • Effective communication skills
  • Resolving conflicts and problem solving
  • Individual health and well being
  • Balancing relationships with work, eating, exercise, etc.
  • Stages of a family life cycle
  • Parenting skills
  • Attraction, desire, and desirability
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Affair prevention

Pre-marital counseling with marriage insurance

The primary goal of premarital counseling through the relationship warehouse is to establish a foundation for lasting and healthy relationships. Relationships that last and are healthy have the tools necessary or get the tools necessary to thrive not just survive. We are so confident that the investment in premarital counseling is an effective relationship tool that we offer *Marriage Insurance to all who complete the course. With this insurance a couple may come back after their wedding for a relationship tune-up or counseling to work through a difficulty and receive four marriage coaching sessions at no cost.

Premarital counseling gives couples the opportunity to discover levels of personality differences that in time will naturally show up in any relationship. It's often been said that opposites attract but in the case of long-term relationships differences can present significant challenges. We utilize clinical personality profiles to establish an objective understanding of each individual and how they relate constructively in relationships as well as revealing future challenges. Time will also be given to complete and process a marital fulfillment survey which reveals future expectation about felt-love, freedom, finances, intimacy, spiritual leadership, parenting, communications and decision making.