Who We Are

The Relationship Warehouse is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit counseling and pastoral care center serving individuals, couples and families in Orange County and throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles.

We are a safe place to explore the things that hold you back from freedom and joy. We are a loving place to encounter God in a fresh way. We are a caring and diligent place to help you expose your wounds and start the process of healing. We are a place to equip you with effective tools for continued healing and connection with the ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.

Amongst our experienced counselors and para-professional counselors are skills such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy, EMDR Treatment, Drug and Alcohol Addiction counseling, Codependence counseling, Deep-Healing and Soul Care, Grief and Loss, and Pastoral Care.

Dr. Guy Grimes

Dr. Guy Grimes specializes in Marriage Preparation and pre-engagement counseling, using the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis diagnostic tool as well as the course material he created for the university classroom called Foundations for Lasting Relationships. Dr. Grimes is a certified trainer for Psychological Publications who created the tool. He is trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and uses Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to bring the truth of biblical principles into the arena of relationships. Dr. Grimes has an earned doctorate in ministry as well as years of experience as a pastor, both in the church and on various denominational campuses. Guy’s passion is to bring Christ’s hope to what everyone else would call hopeless.
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Roxanna Grimes

Roxanna Grimes has an MA in Religious Education with an emphasis on the spiritual development of children. She is trained in Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Codependence Counseling. Roxanna also utilizes Deep Healing and Prayer to heal memories and past spiritual/emotional wounds. Her passion is to help women make an authentic connection with God to form a secure attachment and dependency on Him instead of people, places, and things. She is skilled at helping women learn to receive the love of God and learn to love their own self in the image of God.
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John T. Engelhard, Psy.D.

John earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from George Fox University in 1996 and licensure as a clinical psychologist in 2000 from the state of Oregon. After licensure Dr. Engelhardt worked as a psychologist in Oregon until 2019. In 2018, John earned acceptance into the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. In 2019, John moved to California and received his California licensure as a psychologist.
John feels called to ease pain by giving hope to people who have experienced spiritual, relational, and emotional brokenness. John’s specialties include depression, anxiety, marriages and relationships, ADHD, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Problems, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorders, abuse, divorce recovery, grief recovery, self-esteem, assertiveness training, stress management, anger management, men’s health, and spiritual growth.
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Rev. Dan Bishop

Dan was born and raised in California's Central Valley and has been involved in church life since the 5th grade. Upon entering college, and feeling the call to share the joy of Christ with others, he pursued music and ministry. He graduated from Azusa Pacific University and has a Master's Degree in Music and one in Ministry from the same institution. He and his wife, Chris, of 40 years have served churches in Duarte, Monrovia, Sacramento, Redlands and since 1993 he has been a Senior Pastor in Riverside. In 2016 he had to leave the active ministry due to health reasons but is so thankful for this new season in life where he can share Jesus -- this time through the Warehouse.
With over 40 years of counseling, ministry, and pastoral work, Dan has an excellent ability to show mercy and understanding in times of "why" or "frustration". He loves to journey with others through life, especially with those who want to explore the reality of God's grace in the midst of current situations. Whether that means building up new dreams and goals or re-building the old dreams, Dan is excited about the opportunity to walk along side you.
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Pastor Charles Campbell

Pastor Charles Campbell is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Koinonia Evangelistic Center, a non-denominational fellowship in Moreno Valley, California whose mission is “reaching the unchurched and recovering the out of church”. Pastor Campbell is also the founder of the Joseph Project Citywide Food Bank. With over 35 years in ministry, Pastor Campbell has ministered hope and healing to couples and families dealing with loss and grief. He has assisted couples prepare for the journey of marriage with strong pre-marital counseling tools as well as helping marriages heal and recover from the pain and brokenness due to things such as infidelity. He has worked in jail and prison ministry teaching and coaching individuals to equip them to live healthy and productive lives. Pastor Campbell has a deep love for people and it is his desire to assist individuals, couples and families to become all that God has created and called them to be. Pastor Campbell has been married to his High School Sweetheart Marsie for 36 years. They have one son Marcus who along with his wife Mariah serve in various areas of ministry. Pastor Campbell is also enjoying his new role of “papa” to his granddaughter Charlotte.

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Rebecca Mak

Rebecca has a Pharm. D. from USC, and worked as a community pharmacist for 35 years. Upon retirement, she decided to additionally pursue a more holistic way of healing by adding spiritual and emotional healing through counseling. She went into graduate school and got her MA in Christian Counseling from Gateway Seminary. Rebecca has a passion for marriage and family and walking people through difficult times in their journey. She is from Hong Kong and is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She has been married to Pastor Simon for 34 years; they have three adult children and two adorable grandkids.
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Teresa Smith

Teresa is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with experience counseling couples, families, addiction, dual diagnosis, depression, ADHD, bipolar, reunification, and children from level 12 group homes. She has experience in leading process groups, teaching Anger Management, and Relapse Prevention. Teresa is currently completing EMDR training at Hope International University. Teresa has been married to her husband Rick for 33 years, they have 3 married sons and 4 grandbabies.
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Bill Steele

Dr. Steele joins The Relationship Warehouse with over 35 years of dynamic ministry experience. Dr. Steele is a Certified Life Coach with his Masters in Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry. With 12 years of experience serving with the IMB in missions overseeing and supporting mission work in 8 countries in Southern Europe, Bill has counseled and helped people from all walks of life. Bill has also served as the Senior Pastor/CEO of a church-based ministry supporting a strong preschool and K-12th grade program. In the counseling setting, Dr. Steele describes his counseling modality as focused on understanding and developing healthy well-connected relationships. He is currently building on the foundation of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) by pursuing a Master's of Arts in Christian Counseling.
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Jaclyn Baer

Jaclyn earned her undergrad degree in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton and received her MA in Christian Counseling from Gateway Seminary. She also serves as the Office Manager at the Warehouse, assisting with the client intake and scheduling process, as well as providing administrative support and assisting with workshops. Jaclyn pursues Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Oriented Based modalities as well as inner healing prayer. She believes if we understand our attachment history and how we grew up, we can gain deeper connections with the people we love the most. Understanding our childhood coping strategies and helping individuals/couples to be vulnerable, changes individuals from surviving to thriving, which draws us closer to God and our loved ones. Jaclyn, aka “Jax” has been with The Pearl Experience for 7 years. Not only did The Pearl Experience change her course direction, but she has heard a call to help keep the message alive at this season in her life. Jax has been mentored by both Roxanna and Dr. Grimes on a personal level. Having experienced a very dark season of bitterness after her parents’ divorce and then again in college while involved in a relationship with an addict, Jax holds a heartbeat for hurting girls and women and desires to use her admin and writing/speaking skills to help them get to the help their heart longs for. Jax handles the administrative aspects of the Pearl Experience, teaches and writes on various Pearl topics.
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Celeste Wilcox

Celeste earned her Masters in Counseling in Ministry from California Baptist University in Riverside, CA in 2015. She applies Soul Care techniques, the 12 Steps of Recovery and the Enneagram as tools for growth and transformation with women seeking to grow in their relationships with God and others. She often journeys with those who have struggled with codependence, addiction and betrayal. Celeste loves to explore the story God has for you. How do you show up? What is God inviting you into? All of us can be deeply impacted by circumstances and events beyond our control, but those things don’t define us - how we respond does. All of us are being formed as we live out our stories and it’s easy to pick up strategies of self-protection along the way. Some of those strategies stop serving us well and need to be peeled away so hearts of stone can become tender again. Your pain and struggles are a doorway to your heart, a doorway to healing and hope. Celeste thrives on journeying with those seeking to grow and understand their own story, helping them recognize the enemy’s tactics to steal, kill and destroy as well as one’s own vows and patterns that can damage well-being. She is passionate about helping people recognize their value, pursue healing and learn to live wholeheartedly. Your story matters and she looks forward to joining you in the discovery of who God is calling you to be.
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